For the Press

Who am I?

Ian Johnson is a software engineer with a passion for beautiful user interfaces and data who's lived in Seattle the last six years. He's worked at two previous startups before taking the plunge to leave his job as a Sr. UI Developer at Avvo and travel the world and work on Trip of Trips.

Photos (of me)

I'm traveling I'm elegant


What does this thing do?

Trip of Trips' goal is to be better than a spreadsheet for travelers - to be a spreadsheet - with intelligence.

With Trip of Trips you can add your cities and things to do you find on TripAdvisor, Yelp, etc and based on you preferences, Trip of Trips can -

  • Estimate the total and per day cost for your stay in that city
  • Pull in local weather reports
  • Can even help recommend what clothes to wear using a custom clothing scoring algorithm (see Clothing Recommender)


To help people travel better.

If you've ever used a spreadsheet to list out the cities you're visiting, the transportation you're taking to get there, and the places you're staying - Trip of Trips makes that painless by only making you enter the data once and providing all those same spreadsheet views you already use.