Can I travel to Turkey as an American, Updated 2018

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 by

Near the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

If you're an American wanting to visit Turkey in 2018, you're back in!

Turkey is... ?

Istanbul, TurkeyView on Google Maps

So I can go?

As of December 29th, 2017, I can confirm we (two regular American citizens) flew into Sabiha Gökçen Airport (the smaller of the two airports) in Istanbul, Turkey (though not directly from the US, which may've always been possible, but now without the little slip of paper and red stamp -

When you arrive at the airport, just follow the signs for immigration, then -

  • Walk up to the visa desk next to immigration (it says Visa on it, and if you forget, immigration will just point you over there)
  • Pay 30/person (or also I believe Euro or Pounds, but not Turkish Lira, because that'd be too easy, and there are ATMs before you get to the counter) for your visa, and
  • They'll give you a visa sticker in your passport that immigration will look for when stamping you in

Also - nobody checked or asked for our boarding passes and it didn't appear that they checked our passports for what country we were coming from, so looks like the three day rule (where you had to be in a not-United-States country for at least three days before Turkey would let you in, to prevent quick layovers to bypass the rule) may be gone too.

The eVisa website is also back up

Turkey eVisa website

So why was this even a thing?

There's been a bit of a spat between the two countries since early October 2017, and since most countries reciprocate other country's visa rules (ie. 30 days for 30 days, or you can't enter for you can't enter) - when the US suspended visas for Turkish citizens, Turkey did the same for US citizens.


And it's fixed now?

Though there seems to be little news about letting people in again, Turkey and the US seem to be feeling better about each other -, and as of December 28th, 2017 both countries are back to processing visas as normal.

Cheers to the world, maybe this'll be a small step in all the right directions.

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